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Book Reviews
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by Rj Palacio

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If you watched and enjoyed the movie Wonder, you will enjoy the book to.

Under Pressure Confronting Stress And Anxiety In Girls
by Lisa Damour

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Important and well researched book with strategies and resources

Magic Treehouse Night Of The Ninjas
by Mary Pope Osborne

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A really really fun book and it’s special .

The Flea Sneeze
by Lynn Downey

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Roller Skates Ruth Sawyer
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Lucinda, the youngest child of a NYC couple goes to live with one of her teachers while her parents travel to Italy: her mom needs to recuperate from some medical condition and her dad wanted to travel so the parents go away for about 1 year. While they are gone Lucinda meets many inhabitants of the city, a drive of a carriage and his Irish wife, a policeman, a candy shop owner, a grandchild of actresses, a fruit wagon vendor and his family, an exotic far eastern woman, a young couple with a bay daughter, and many others. Her relationship with her Aunt Emily is a constant source of friction. Lucinda is not really well-versed in behaving like a lady. Lucinda's roller skating around the city brings her to many new acquaintances and experiences, and she is not worried about class or status, just enjoys experiencing all the sights with zest and energy. Her growing caring for others comes out and I was surprised to find that in that year's start others thought she was a cold/emotionless child. I especially felt her attachment to others and was really saddened at times when loss occurred. This is a book that brings both all the parts of life - ups and downs to a young girls who really lives.

Dragons Of A Fallen Sun
by Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman

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This book was my moms and I love it! Only a few beat it on my favorites list.

Because Of The Baby
by Cynthia Lord

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Love It!!

The One and Only Bob
by Katherine Applegate

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A beautiful companion to the absolutely fabulous The One and Only Ivan. I loved learning about Bob, the scrappy little dog with an attitude, who is Ivan's BFF. Great story.

Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

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It was a great book, and it's good for anyone who likes dystopian novels or action in their books.

The Vampire Chronicles (Interview With a Vampire)
by Ann Rice

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Interview with a vampire is one of my favorite books by far. I loved the characters even though they can be bad at times and I loved learning about how Luis was turned into a vampire.

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