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Black Brother Black Brother
by Jewell Parker Rhodes

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An important book about bias, racism, injustice and a mixed-race family.

Playing Atari With Saddam Hussein
by Jennifer Roy

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I have just started reading this book and it is wonderful! It is sad that they are at war and suffering because of there evil leader, but it is interesting to learn about!

Because Of The Baby
by Cynthia Lord

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Love It!!

Icewind Dale
by Ra Salvatore Books

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Awesome book!

Counting Birds The Idea That Helped Save Our Feathered Friends
by Heidi E.Y. Stemple

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A fascinating book about famous ornothologist and conservationist, Frank Chapman.

Because Of The Rabbit
by Cynthia Lord

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At the beginning of every chapter they give you a cool fact about rabbits! My favorite was when they told me that when a rabbit rubs it's chin against something it is claiming it, how cool is that!

Rebel Of The Sands Hardcover
by Alwyn Hamilton

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The book was poorly paced which hiddered the storytelling. The author started out with a simple concept but soon it became overly complicated and confusing to understand.

Thimble Summer By Elizabeth Enright
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There is nostalgia, understanding of work, play, farmland chores and joys in this Newbery Medal book. It includes info re the sights sounds and smells of summer: there is lots of info about wonderful pies and other good food, but mostly this is a story of a young girl who is the middle child of a family, Garnet, her adventures in growing up and raising of a pig and going to the fair. We find out that she doesn't always make good decisions and goes off on an adventure, but returns home wiser and more caring of her home, neighbors and family folks. There is an innocence, a goodness and yet a wildness in Garnet that is very appealing to those of us who have a hard time accepting negative comments or directions.

The Vampire Chronicles (Interview With a Vampire)
by Ann Rice

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Interview with a vampire is one of my favorite books by far. I loved the characters even though they can be bad at times and I loved learning about how Luis was turned into a vampire.

One Crazy Summer
by Rita Williams-garcia

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Mom found the book interesting b/c it was about the 70's & had life experiences that we'll most likely never experience. Child didnt find the book very interesting.

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